Rescuing Roosters: All About Our Bachelor Flock

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Chickens – and especially roosters – are one of the most abused and mistreated farm animals in the world. Whereas hens are typically kept around for as long as they produce eggs, roosters are often killed or discarded at birth. 

Sadly, this is true about roosters from all walks, from those born in large-scale, industrial hatcheries, to those born in backyards in suburbia. 

At The Mad Turkey Farm, we’re passionate about saving roosters and providing them with happy forever homes. In fact, we have a large and growing bachelor flock at our rescue. Interested in why rooster neglect is such a problem and what we’re doing to help? Keep reading for some insights into our rooster rescue. 

Why Are There So Many Unwanted Roosters?

Roosters are one of the most discarded animals on the farm. In fact, most large-scale hatcheries kill roosters at birth. And for many backyard breeders, culling is the fastest option for dealing with roosters. For those that make it into their first year of life, many wind up homeless, are mistreated or abused, or are ultimately killed.

This problem is widespread. Many farm animal rescues will not accept roosters, as they’ve been overwhelmed with unwanted birds and don’t have the space. But why is the problem so bad? Here are a few reasons unwanted roosters have such a tough time: 

  • No Egg Production – Unlike hens, roosters don’t lay eggs. Therefore, many only see them as an added expense.
  • Crowing – Roosters crow, and many see them as a noisy addition to the flock. This is especially burdensome for urban and suburban breeders. 
  • Mis-Sexing – Sexing chickens isn’t always 100% accurate. As a result, many find unexpected roosters in their flocks.
  • Myths of Bad Temperament – Many assume that roosters are aggressive. Yet, in bachelor flocks most roosters are peaceful and friendly.

Bottom line, roosters have a bad rap. And as a result, the homeless rooster population is growing throughout the U.S. 

Bachelor Flocks: A Solution for Unwanted Roosters

A bachelor flock refers to a flock of only male chickens. According to the Adopt a Bird Network, bachelor flocks don’t require roosters to be the same breed, size, or age. Instead, the flock establishes a pecking order, with an alpha rooster that maintains order and protects the others. Without hens in the flock, roosters typically have nothing to fight over and are happy to live together in harmony.

At The Mad Turkey Farm, we have a large and growing bachelor flock, and have found that our bachelor roosters live together peacefully.

About Our Rooster Rescue Efforts

At our farm, we’ve saved roosters from all walks, from homeless birds found along the side of the road, to unwanted backyard roosters. We’ve built a beautiful rooster sanctuary to provide permanent homes to these loveable creatures. 

Currently, we have a large flock of rescue birds, and we love to get to know each rooster’s unique personality. Chickens get a bad rap, but we’ve found that they’re really individuals. If you take the time to get to know each one, you really see their individuality.  

Interested in supporting our rooster rescue efforts? Make a donation today and help us rescue farm animals in Virginia.